Is Topo Chico Hydrating?

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August 3, 2021

Topo Chico is revered for its taste, but does it actually hydrate you? The company producing this iconic beverage makes no formal health claims, only sharing the story of an Aztec princess who was healed from drinking and bathing in the same spring where Topo Chico is bottled today. The healing power of spring water is a common theme throughout human history and may be related to the trace minerals found in spring water. Incidentally, these same minerals are instrumental for hydration. In this article we stick with an examination of Topo Chico’s hydrating powers and leave out any discussion of eternal youth.

What is in Topo Chico?

Topo Chico contains trace minerals such as potassium, calcium and sodium which are key components of electrolyte hydration mixes. The Topo Chico annual water mineral analysis reveals that these minerals, while truly present, are in very low quantities. According to the Topo Chico Mineral Water Annual Analysis, the sodium content was measured at 41mg per liter and potassium content is 3.6mg per liter. In comparison to one of the leading electrolyte mix brands, LiquidIV has 500mg sodium and 370mg of potassium per serving. That means you would have to drink roughly 36 bottles of Topo Chico to get the same amount of sodium that is offered in LiquidIV. Thankfully, results from the same mineral water analysis revealed that Topo Chico does not contain any volatile organic chemicals, pesticides or organic chemicals so presumably drinking 36 bottles would not be harmful.

What do doctors have to say about Topo Chico?

Physicians at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston recently weighed in on this topic during an interview with hospital staff, stating that mineral water probably hydrates you as much as regular water1. The same physicians consider mineral water to be a good choice for your overall health as long as it does not contain added flavorings, sugar and citric acid. That means that the original Topo Chico is a good choice but be wary of their “Twist of Lime” version which contains flavoring and citric acid. 

For intense activity that promotes sweating, consider leveling up with fluid containing additional electrolytes. You can learn more about our best reviewed hydration mixes here

In most realistic contexts though, Topo Chico will suffice for any regular activity such as chowing down on tacos outside your favorite food truck in Austin or after an easy bicycle ride around town. 


1BIDMC Contributor. “Does Sparkling Water Hydrate You?” BIDMC of Boston, Accessed 6 Mar. 2021.

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