Yeti Rambler Water Bottle Review

Overall Score

Last Updated December 8, 2022
  • Ease of Use 80% 80%
  • Durability 80% 80%
  • Seal 80% 80%
  • Maintenance 100% 100%
  • Insulation 80% 80%

Key Takeaways


Overbuilt Construction

Durable enough for almost any activity.


Clean Design

Industrial appearance has personality but is still appropriate for a professional setting.


Easy Maintenance

The bottle and cap are dishwasher safe.

Design Honors

No Sweat

Changeable Tops

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The Yeti Rambler is a great choice as an everyday bottle for those who want maximum temperature control and durability. What makes this bottle stand out from other stainless steel models is its rugged plastic handle cap and overbuilt construction. Keep in mind that the durability comes at a cost: the Yeti 26oz bottle is over 40% heavier than many of its similarly sized counterparts, such as the Takeya. The “three-finger grip,” as Yeti calls it, makes gripping and carrying the bottle easy. With its sturdy construction, this bottle can keep up with even the most extreme lifestyles. If it gets dirty, throw it in the dishwasher. 

At first glance this Yeti looks more like a thermos than a water bottle. It’s wider than other similar sized bottles and lacks a typical spout. Overall, the bottle has a classic look that is appropriate for the boat or the office. We tried the classic stainless steel exterior bottle which fits the outdoors aesthetic but there are a dozen color options in total. Yeti even includes a few attractive pastel colors which would possibly appeal to feminine and urban consumers.

Yeti is the only brand we found making a double walled stainless steel bottle that seemed 100% confident with its bottle going into the dishwasher. Another noteworthy feature is the cap: Yeti recently launched a new top design called the chug cap, which delivers the best of both worlds: drink with the spout for more control and when you are ready to fill up, screw it off for the full 3-inch wide mouth. With high scores across the board, Yeti is a worthy bottle for most consumers.


Ease of Use

Our reviewers appreciated the top of the line Yeti construction, especially the integration of the handle and chug cap. Other bottles provided handles that looked fragile, not Yeti. We liked having the option to open the bottle and use the chug cap or take the top and cap off as a unit to refill with ice. The biggest downside to this new design is the potential to twist off the entire top instead of just the part covering the chug cap. One user, during her first time drinking from the bottle, removed both pieces and never realized there was even an option to use the chug cap. The movement to remove the top and expose the chug cap is a two handed job which can be problematic if both hands are not available. One hand must secure the chug cap and the other twists off the top. For instance drinking from the bottle on a cross country ski outing required a partner to hold your poles so both hands could be used to open the bottle. Additionally the cap can require more effort to remove than other bottles which can discourage frequent use. One reviewer mentioned he could see it being an issue if his hands lost dexterity after being out in the cold for a long time. 

Another consideration is the weight of the bottle as we mentioned in the overview. Yeti is significantly heavier than most comparable bottles on the market. This might not be a problem on a boat or in your car but if you want to travel with the bottle on foot, the extra weight is noticeable. One reviewer who really liked the bottle and uses it regularly around the house plans to find a substitute for upcoming backpacking trips where the extra performance is not worth the weight.

Overall, we still like the Yeti and think the chug cap is a net improvement but wish it could be further refined including making the top interchangeable with the chug cap and naked bottle. 


The Yeti was a top performer as far as durability which is expected given the weight and style of its construction. As with all other bottles we’ve reviewed, the Yeti was subjected to a few drops on a variety of soft and hard surfaces. Overall, the bottle held up very well. After the testing period concluded, we found a few small dents on the bottom of the test bottles, presumably where the flask made impact with the concrete or other hard surfaces. A few scratches were noticeable in this same area. Without a powder coating, the scratching appeared white, possibly because it was dropped on white concrete. We found some of the scratching could even be buffed out with a rag and a little pressure. The Yeti lived up to the description on the site of being “Tough as Hell.”


As long as you tighten the top you can have full confidence that water stays in the bottle no matter what position it’s in.The top screws onto the bottle with a 3 layer thread with a thick rubber gasket for additional leak-proofing. Yeti lost two points on the seal score because it does take a notable amount of effort to fully close the seal. It’s possible for leaks to occur if the user did not tighten the top with enough effort.


Unlike many stainless steel bottles, the Rambler is 100% dishwasher safe. Both the bottle and cap will be fully cleaned in a dishwasher given the wide mouth and lack of small crevices. While this is not required, we recommend removing the rubber gasket during a dishwasher run to increase longevity (you can replace this later on if needed). There are several other dishwasher safe stainless steel bottles on the market but Yeti is the only one that does not voice any hesitation about users loading the bottles into the dishwasher. We found this to be reassuring and the reason for the perfect score.


The Yeti was in the top 25% of all water bottles tested for temperature control, losing only 8 degrees over the course of 8 hours. Frequent sipping from the bottle could slightly jeopardize those results because of the wide mouth, but this should not be a big concern, especially if you are using ice.

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