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Last Updated August 21, 2023
  • Ease of Use 80% 80%
  • Durability 10% 10%
  • Seal 80% 80%
  • Maintenance 80% 80%
  • Insulation 30% 30%

Key Takeaways


Great pick for the sauna (but exercise caution)

The glass bottle will not leach chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.


Handle with care

While protected with a silicone sleeve, the glass bottle is still more fragile than its plastic or metal counterparts.


Sleek design

Can fit in at the gym, office or beach.

No Leaching

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While researching an article, Best Water Bottles to Use in the Sauna, our team noticed that many people searching for a water bottle to use in the sauna ended up purchasing the Yomious. The majority of reusable bottles are made of plastic or metal, both of which are generally incompatible with the high temperatures of the sauna. At one point there was a water bottle available on Amazon specifically designed for the sauna but it’s no longer available. The Yomious bottle on the other hand, is made of glass with a silicone sleeve, a bamboo top and stainless steel cap interior making it a great fit for this environment. There is no plastic and little metal making contact with the water which is ideal for preventing possible leaching of toxins.

The practice of deliberate heat exposure has been recorded for thousands of years, if not longer, dating back to the Roman baths and Native Americans’ use of hot springs in North America. As the scientific community has caught up and started to validate the health benefits of deliberate heat exposure, sauna use among the public has skyrocketed. Popular scientist personalities, like Andrew Huberman, have been extolling sauna use as part of a healthy lifestyle regime (please consult a physician before starting the practice). With the increased interest in the activity has come a corresponding desire for a compatible water bottle.

Our reviewers found the Yomious bottle to be a good fit for this activity and others with only a few caveats. The design prioritizes minimizing contact between the water and plastic while also limiting the use of metal which will heat up quickly in hot environments. Our reviewers noticed that even after 20 minutes in a 180 degree sauna, the temperature of the glass was not hot to the touch or uncomfortable to drink out of.

The biggest concern voiced by the reviewers was anxiety about bringing a glass bottle into a gym and locker room environment where there are uneven surfaces and lots of people moving around that could all contribute to a bottle falling over.

The bottle itself is a transparent glass but comes with a colored silicone sleeve that is available in 13 different pastel colors.

The company behind Yomious does not have a website and exclusively sells over Amazon.

Ease of Use

The silicone sleeve provides great grip, even if your hands are sweaty from a workout or sauna session. The string loop attached to the lid is convenient for carrying the bottle but our reviewers were skeptical about whether it is safe to be used this way. Our recommendation would be not refrain from using the string in any weight bearing capacity.

Reviewers found it easy to handle, open and close whether at the desk or the gym.


While glass is an ideal material for storing water or electrolytes in a hot environment, it does come with an additional risk of shattering if dropped. Probably as a result of this scenario, glass is banned in many gym saunas and steam rooms.

The Amazon review describes the silicone sleeve as impact resistant. It likely will offer some protection against minor drops but we’ve tested enough glass water bottles to know that anything greater than a one foot drop will break the water bottle. At that point, the question is how many pieces will you have to pick up?

You may be better off if the bottle lands on its top. We liked the bamboo lid which feels sturdy and would protect against falls if it absorbed most of the impact.

Overall, if you bring this into the gym or the sauna, exercise extreme caution. One reviewer noted:

“I am always on edge bringing the bottle to the gym. One slip up could result in a pile of shattered glass on the gym floor.”

There were also some concerns about the longevity of the bottle. While our reviewers did not personally experience this, there were a number of Amazon reviews citing cracks forming in the bamboo lid after several months of continued use. This does not come as a huge surprise because the lid is made up of small bamboo fibers glued together. The adhesive likely breaks down over time and may be susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme temperatures.


The seal of the Yomious bottle appears to be well thought out and reviewers did not experience any leaks. The cap is more intricate than what is visible from the outside. The bamboo is lined with plastic threads for a tight grip to the glass. The bottom of the lid has a stainless steel insert and rubber o-ring allowing for a tight seal and minimal exposure between the water and plastic when closed.

No leaks were detected from the dedicated test, where the full bottle was left on its side for one hour.


While advertised as being dishwasher safe, the HydrationReview team only recommends putting the glass and silicone bottle through the dishwasher. The cap should still be hand washed. There are reports of the cap falling apart in the dishwasher which is not surprising since the composite bamboo material that makes up the cap is not capable of withstanding hot water for an extended period of time. The cap’s material is very similar to a bamboo cutting board where there is good consensus that they should not go through the dishwasher.


The Yomious bottle is not designed for temperature control and performed as expected, with ice cold water reaching room temperature in under two hours. Practically, this is not a major shortcoming if you are planning to use the bottle in the sauna where sessions are typically limited to 20 or 30 minutes.

For summertime applications, at the beach for example, just be prepared to drink warm water. At least you have the satisfaction of knowing the heat is not accelerating the leaching of the metal or plastic into your water.

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