bkr Water Bottle Review

Overall Score

Last Updated February 6, 2022
  • Ease of Use 65% 65%
  • Durability 65% 65%
  • Seal 80% 80%
  • Maintenance 50% 50%
  • Insulation 20% 20%

Key Takeaways


A Glass Bottle With Lots of Protection

The bottle is wrapped in a silicone sleeve that helps absorb the shock from drops.


Narrow Mouth

Users who prefer to drink from a small mouth bottle will like what bkr offers.


Stylish Design and Color Options

Though the design is simple, BKR bottles will stand out at the workout studio, office and anywhere else you may go.

design honors


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Launched in 2011, bkr was founded by two friends, Tal and Kate, who wanted to solve the environmental and health issues related to single-use plastic water bottles. After 5 years of development, the two founders landed on the design that is still sold today. The brand is focused on simplicity and the health benefits that come from hydration. After our time spent using this product, we felt they did a great job instilling their intentions into the bottle design.

Starting with the body of the bkr, it’s a round glass design with the signature narrow mouth. The mouth, at just 1 inch in diameter, is the narrowest of any bottle we’ve tested and it will surely draw polarizing views. Blanketing the glass flask is a thick silicone sleeve that wraps the glass in protection from top to bottom (and even goes underneath). The top of this bottle is made of durable plastic and has a loop big enough to comfortably fit two or three fingers.

Visually, the bkr is hands down one of the nicest bottles we’ve tested. The design is simple, yet bold and can match a wide range of styles. We speak from experience when we say the bkr will draw positive compliments. As far as function, we recommend this bottle for users who live a more urban lifestyle and prefer room temperature water (more on this later). To all the hardcore campers and hikers reading this, we don’t think this is the right bottle for you.

We love the look of the bkr. It’s offered in a variety of subtle colors that compliment the shape and cap design. Pictured here is the “London” color which is a light shade of grey.

Ease of Use

For people living a more urban lifestyle (and not traversing mountains), you’ll find the bkr checks a lot of boxes. The girth is medium-sized at 3 inches in diameter (including the silicone sleeve), meaning users with small or large hands will be able to hold it comfortably. At this size you should have no problem fitting it in your car cupholders which several of out team members called out as an added benefit. The silicone material has a rubbery feel that we found improves the grip, but if you prefer not to grip the bottle, the built-in handle on the bottle top provides another option. Depending on the size of their hands, reviewers were able to fit two or three fingers through the handle which created a secure grip. Note that the loop handle stays in a fixed position and does not pivot like certain brands of sport bottles. 

Some reviewers found that filling the bkr was difficult at times due to the narrow mouth. Most of the negative commentary came from team members who filled their bottles from a refrigerator water dispenser or filtered water pitchers. In these situations, lining up the bottle mouth with the water source was challenging and oftentimes water was spilled. This isn’t a major flag, but worth considering before you decide you want a narrow mouth bottle. Other testers who filled their bottles from their kitchen tap or dispensers in their office and gym reported no problems. Fitting standard sized ice cubes in this bottle isn’t possible, so if you like drinking ice cold water this bottle probably isn’t right for you.

As expected, there were mixed reviews around the experience of drinking from the narrow mouth. It really comes down to preference and the feedback we collected is more of a matter of opinion. To make this decision easier for our readers, we gathered feedback from both ends of the spectrum to share with you.

“I prefer narrow mouthed bottles so the bkr was right up my alley. As someone who used single use plastic bottles growing up, I found the bkr to provide a similar experience… I never find myself chugging water, so the flow was fine for me.”

“I’m usually drinking from a Yeti or Nalgene, so this was a new experience for me. I found it worked fine when I was doing office work or other tasks around the house. At the gym though, at times I found myself turning the bottle nearly upside down to try and get water out faster… Overall it worked fine, but I prefer a different bottle during a training session.”

The bkr fits nicely in car cupholder making it great for short trips while you run errands. The 16oz model (pictured here) is only 8 inches tall and stays out of your way when you need to interact with controls in the console.


For a glass bottle, we were impressed with the durability of the bkr. The silicone sleeve takes all the credit here as it covers the bottle from the underneath to just below the cap. The thickness of the silicone is about 1/16 of an inch from the top to the base and thickens to ⅛ of an inch on the part that wraps around the bottom. The thicker layer on the bottom does a good job of padding the bkr from hard set-downs and drops. We tested this many times and can confidently say that even an aggressive set-down will leave the bkr unscathed. Of course, if you want to break this bottle, you probably could, but the amount of force needed to do so is well outside of normal use. 

One of our more risk-taking reviewers purposely dropped her brk from hip height onto a paved driveway and was pleased to report the bottle survived. We don’t recommend trying this on your own, but at least you have some reassurance from us. These bottles are tougher than they look. 

The cap is made of a durable plastic and will probably last you as long as you use the bottle. A full strength grip flexes it slightly, but we didn’t feel it came close to breaking. Dropping the plastic cap throughout testing resulted in minor scratches which weren’t very noticeable. 


The bkr sealing mechanism held up well during testing. Similar to other glass bottles we’ve reviewed, it has a narrow thread that wraps around just over 360°. Unlike plastic and metal bottles you might have, you won’t be able to crank down on the cap. The cap has a built in gasket that allows for slight torqueing, but there’s only so much tightening you can do before you risk breaking breaking something. This means loosening the cap is relatively easy which some users will definitely appreciate. 

If you plan on carrying your bottle in your hand or storing it securely in a purse you will be fine. For readers who are a bit more careless and like to throw their bottle into a gym bag or backpack, we urge you to take precautions.

A closer view of the brk mouth and cap. The mouth is quite small, comparable to a single use plastic bottle. If you look closely enough you’ll see the rubber gasket inside the cap. 


The bkr is advertised as fully dishwasher safe which makes sense considering it’s made of glass and plastic. Based on our tester feedback, we found this to be true with the flask, silicone sleeve and cap holding up to the heat of dishwashers. Though the bottle is safe to clean in a dishwasher, we deducted points given the narrow mouth design and the inability for the dishwasher jets to fully penetrate and clean the bottle. Several reviewers reported the smell or taste of their electrolyte mix after a single dishwasher run.

Hand washing is an option as long as you have the right equipment. You’ll need a narrow bottle brush to tackle the bkr, especially if you plan on shaking up some electrolytes in there. One of our reviewers reported this set of brushes worked well for clearing.


The bkr won’t keep your water cold for longer than an hour or two. During our insulation test, near freezing water was warmed to room temperature at the two-hour checkpoint debunking any beliefs that the silicone sleeve provides insulation. This result was in line with other glass bottles we’ve tested and it serves as a reminder that glass isn’t a strong insulator. If you prefer room temperature water then this bottle will serve you well. 

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