DripDrop ORS Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated August 25, 2021
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Key Takeaways


Founded by a Doctor

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun came up with the idea while treating dehydration in developing countries.


Versatile Formula

Meets the hydration needs of adults and children.


Contains Vitamin C and Zinc

For an immunity boost.

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DripDrop ORS is a doctor-created electrolyte mix modeled on the medically derived formula called Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), that is recognized globally as the best oral treatment for dehydration. The founder, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, came up with the concept of DripDrop in 1993 when he was in Guatemala helping a remote village overcome a cholera outbreak1. While in Guatemala, Dr. Dolhun was on site to help administer ORS to relieve dehydration caused by the disease. While dispensing ORS, he noticed the patients, especially children, did not like the taste. Some of the children couldn’t even keep the solution down due to the awful flavor. Inspired by this experience, Dr. Dolhun set out to create DripDrop ORS, a formula that met the World Health Organization standards while also being good tasting. 

DripDrop follows the science behind hydration, including salt and sugar as primary ingredients, which are known to be the key elements for rapid bodily absorption of fluid. While some users may shy away from any mixer with sugar content, we’d like to highlight that DripDrop is on the lower end of the scale with only 7g. Based on its formula and our testing, we think this could be a great choice for both children and adults across a wide range of activities such as morning hydration (including hangover recovery), pre-workout and post-workout. Its versatile use case helped rank DripDrop in the top half of all electrolytes reviewed.


During the testing period, DripDrop had moderate to strong effects across reviewers. The product was used across a range of activities including pre-workout, post-workout and at other times of the day for a general hydration boost. Overall, review team noticed the strongest results when taking it in the morning hours before a meal. This was consistent with other products we’ve tested that include sugar which helps with absorption, especially on an empty stomach. Reviewers also enjoyed DripDrop at other times of the day, whenever a hydration was needed.

“I felt that DripDrop worked better than any of the sugar-free products I’ve tested far. When taken 30 minutes before an activity, I definitely felt an improvement in my overall energy level and focus- this was for everything from a power walk to a desk work session. It was invented by a doctor, so I have more trust in the science behind this one. I’ll definitely buy more of this.”

A separate reviewer found DripDrop to have a noticeable effect the morning after a late-night drinking session. Without having much of an appetite, he was able to drink the recommended 8oz serving and felt an improvement in wellbeing within 30 minutes. While the hangover didn’t disappear, the reduction in head pain was welcome. We call that a success, but keep in mind, results may vary from person to person. 


DripDrip comes in a variety of flavors including: lemon, berry, watermelon and orange. The brand also has a line of hot drink mixers with green tea, hibiscus, honey lemon ginger and spiced apple cider varieties.

The lemon flavor we tested had mixed reviews across the team. Those who liked it cited a hint of mint which paired well with the lemon flavor, while those who weren’t so keen on the taste found the drink to have a medicinal aftertaste. One of the reviewers who didn’t enjoy the taste noted that mixing the powder with cold water improved her experience.


DripDrop contains sugar, salt, trace elements and natural additives for flavor and coloring. No artificial sweeteners, colorings or preservatives are used in this formula. The 8oz packet contains 7g of sugar, 330mg of sodium and 9g of carbs which contribute to the 35 total calories. The ingredients list also includes nearly 80% the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C and 18% of the daily recommended amount of Zinc, both key minerals that support normal health.



1“About: DripDrop ORS.” DripDropORS, dripdrop.com/pages/about. Accessed 5 Mar. 2021.

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