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Last Updated May 22, 2023
  • Effectiveness 80% 80%
  • Flavor 70% 70%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Created by a team of professional athletes and nutrition scientists

Includes NFL players and Ivy League researchers.


3X the Sodium vs. the Average Electrolyte

Sodium is important for recovery from strenuous activity.


You can pair with other UCAN supplements for additional performance benefits

Consider their energy gels, protein powders or meal replacement bars.

Sugar Free


Low Calorie

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The UCAN electrolyte supplement is a part of a product line up formulated for athletic training by some of the foremost minds in the sports nutrition world.  UCAN is best known for their proprietary super-starch product, LIVESTEADY, which is created for crash-free energy to support endurance athletes. It gained prominence after being promoted by Peter Attia and Tim Ferris on their respective podcasts. While UCAN doesn’t have the same acclaim as some other mainstream hydration products, the HydrationReview team was still very keen on testing it knowing about the positive effects of LIVESTEADY and the team behind it. After extensive testing, the reviewers reported that it was a quality product, fit for many strenuous pursuits. 

With higher sodium content than many other brands, this electrolyte is better suited for before, during or after exercise or heavy sweating. Reviewers enjoyed the flavor and effects but noticed they were instinctively skipping it after having a salty meal or snack. If you are seeking to avoid sugar in electrolytes, pair it with Ultima Replenisher for a holistic hydration routine, using UCAN around any type of athletic pursuit and Ultima for everyday, lower activity applications.

In conclusion, HydrationReview found UCAN to be an effective and good tasting electrolyte option with a “goldilocks amount” of sodium. Given that every body will react differently to electrolytes we remind you to try it casually before committing to use it for any type of athletic competition.


UCAN was tested over the winter training season which included strenuous hikes in the foothills of Colorado, hours on the stationary bike and many evenings recovering in the sauna. These electrolytes were crucial for sustained performance. One reviewer noted his heat and cold exposure sessions did not feel as excruciating with this supplement mixed into his water:

“I like to push myself in the sauna, as I do while biking, and usually two 20 minute sessions in a hot sauna is my absolute limit. Sipping UCAN electrolytes out of my Yeti was a game changer and allowed me to extend my first session by about an extra 10 minutes without feeling completely spent.”

As we mentioned in the overview, this electrolyte contains more sodium than the average electrolyte, like Dr. Price and Nectar, but less than LMNT. For some of our reviewers they found UCAN to be the goldilocks electrolyte mix, providing just the right amount of sodium and other electrolytes:

“I always liked LMNT for the flavor and high sodium but it really requires me to be heavily depleted before I feel like it makes sense, on the other hand, many other brands are clearly made for hydration at the office or around the house. UCAN sits right in the middle and is a great fit for my typical workout routine that is hard but not devastating.”

Whether you are training for a marathon or just looking to feel good during a mid-week workout before heading to the office, UCAN electrolytes could be a great addition.


UCAN electrolytes come in five flavors: lemon-lime, watermelon, berry, pineapple and orange. The HydrationReview team primarily tested lemon-lime and found it to be in the top 25% of flavor profiles. It was easy to get down at any point in a workout even when some of our reviewers experience sensitive stomachs.

Recognizing that not all exercise takes place at the gym, UCAN is available in jars and single serving packets enabling use at home and on the road (or trail). 


UCAN has a very clean ingredient list using natural flavoring agents and stevia as the sole sweetening agent. Without any “unhealthy” ingredients on the label, it received a perfect score in this category.

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