Nectar Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated January 18, 2023
  • Effectiveness 50% 50%
  • Flavor 80% 80%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Optimal Balance of Electrolytes

Contains all of the major electrolytes necessary for promoting rehydration.


High Quality Ingredients

Includes organic stevia and Himalayan sea salt. 


Lightly Sweetened

The sweetener is not overpowering compared to conventional sport’s drink companies.



Low Calorie

Low Sugar

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Nectar only landed on our radar in late 2022 after it was discovered during a Costco shopping trip. Costco typically has higher standards than traditional grocery stores for the product’s it carries, so the HydrationReview team was intrigued. At first glance we noticed that it contained all of the top electrolytes in sufficient quantities. Despite the name, nectar, (which is by definition a sugar based serum) the mix doesn’t contain any sugar. 

While research has proven that sugar enhances rehydration, it’s not completely necessary for all situations, especially if sugar has been recently consumed. For an electrolyte that is styled as a daily supplement rather than an emergency aid, sugar is not required. Our reviewer’s experiences were consistent with this logic too. The formula proved to be a great addition to the average workday but didn’t perform as well when taken after a heavy sweat session.

Nectar’s origin story is a little blurry, but from the website and packaging it seems that it was founded by a cellular biologist named Rachel and a physician named Zach. The HydrationReview team has read a number of founder’s stories and would advise against assuming anything about the product based on the supposed founders. Nearly every electrolyte brand, good and bad, has the backing of at least one scientist or doctor. That said, we do appreciate transparency about the founder’s and wish we knew more about the individuals behind the brand.

Nectar’s flavor and effect evoked mixed reviews from the HydrationReview team. Ultimately, we found it to be a great electrolyte for having stocked at your work desk, but not for loading in a backpack for a hike or trip to the gym. That said, it’s hard to find a do-it-all electrolyte so consider pairing this with LMNT or SOS for times where you require a more potent electrolyte.


It was challenging at first to obtain consistent feedback about Nectar because of the range of perspectives. Eventually, with enough testing, we were able to tease out several themes that will be explored more thoroughly in this section.

Testing environments included lazy work days, post-runs, hangover treatment, hikes and more. Overall, the best description for Nectar is “subtle.” This could be good or bad depending on the activity and the amount of recovery required. After a difficult early morning hike, where the reviewer started the day dehydrated, the feedback underscored the lack of potency in the product:

“I came back from a tough three hour training hike with a headache forming and sought out Nectar to address my dehydration. A 16 oz serving was not enough to bring me back unfortunately. I had to take additional electrolytes before I started to feel better.”

On the other hand, Nectar was preferred by reviewers looking for an electrolyte to sip on mid-work day when they noticed their energy was waning. After taking it several times, these reviewers realized it was best to build it into their daily routine, drinking it as a “preventative,” especially in arid climates like those found in Colorado and Utah. With its light flavoring, Nectar was the perfect substitute for a seltzer or diet soda. 

If you work in an office setting, consider trying it for a couple weeks consistently before drawing any hard conclusions. Be careful though, with its attractive packaging and design, your co-workers may start dropping by to ask for a free sample.


Nectar offers six different flavors: fresh lemon, wild berry, sunrise orange, cherry pomegranate, strawberry lemonade and watermelon. If you’re uncertain about what flavor to try, consider the variety pack to get started. 

HydrationReview testers have only tried the mixed berry which wasn’t very memorable.

The subtler sweetness was a nice change for some reviewers who have an ultra low sugar diet but was not sweet enough for most of the team. 


Nectar received a perfect score in the ingredients category because it excluded unhealthy ingredients like artificial flavoring and packed in a number of high quality ingredients. The choice of organic stevia and himalayan sea salt struck the Hydration Review team as unique even among the 20+ brands that have been reviewed. While some companies miss a key electrolyte like calcium, Nectar wisely included sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium in reasonable quantities. 


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