GoHydrate Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated August 23, 2021
  • Effectiveness 55% 55%
  • Flavor 65% 65%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Supports Every Day Hydration

A sugarless, low carb formula with a moderate amount of sodium.


Choose a Different Product for Exercise

Unfortunately reviewers did not log a strong effect while using it before, during or after exercise.


Contains Vitamin D

A helpful supplement in the winter.

Sugar Free

Low Calorie


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GoHydrate advertises their one and only product as a hydration solution for users young and old, across any daily activity. Sounds pretty appealing, right? On their website, they highlight a few features of their formula and explain how it benefits different user groups. We didn’t agree with all of their statements though. For example, they call out the sugar free aspect as a benefit to athletes since sugar “can lead to cramping and underperformance for many athletes.” Based on our research and consultation with medical professionals, we’ve confirmed that glucose is a key element for hydration and doesn’t line up with GoHydrate’s claims. While there are medical outlets that warn that high blood sugar levels could displace key electrolytes1, we think their statement could mislead potential buyers given its broad nature. For a detailed explanation on electrolytes and their properties, see the HydrationReview article, What Are Electrolytes?.

The GoHydrate website makes other general statements related to the vitamin D contents and the benefits it provides to children and seniors. While we agree that getting vitamin D is important, studies confirm there are many ways to maintain your vitamin D levels including a balanced diet or simply getting some sunlight2. Additionally, vitamin D supplementation in deficient individuals is thought to require many times the daily value for proper absorption3. We are skeptical of the GoHydrate claims around vitamin D.

Mixability also impacted reviewers perception of the product. Mixing was much more difficult than any other sugar free product we tested. Mixing with a spoon always resulted in clumps forming at the top. We think that a mixer bottle would be a better option for regular use.

Overall, we think the formula is best suited to support daily hydration needs for low activity days. It includes the core electrolytes which are important for bodily function: sodium, potassium and magnesium. GoHydrate’s statements about their formula appealing to all ages and activities seems like a stretch though and warrants a deeper look by prospective consumers.  


This formula was found to be moderately effective for everyday hydration needs and low exertion activities. Our testers experienced a modest effect after taking GoHydrate in the morning before an office work day. A lesser effect was felt during physical activity with reviewers comparing it to their normal water use. One reviewer put it well:

“Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on the effects of an electrolyte product. My main thing is if the ingredients are good and it encourages me to drink more water then I’m on board. That was how I felt about GoHydrate. No negative effect and I was able to power through my workouts and work days..”


GoHydrate has a variety of flavors including orange, fruit punch, grape, kiwi-strawberry, cherry limeade and lemon citrus. At this point, the HydrationReview team has only tried lemon citrus and had a neutral response. The taste was on par with some of the other lemon-lime mixers like Hydrant and Dr. Price’s, but still did not overly impress us. 

Flavor can always be regulated by the amount of water you mix in, and oddly enough, GoHydrate recommends that it should be mixed with “16.9oz OR 20.0oz of water.” We weren’t really sure what to make of this and chalked it up to a printing error on the package. Our testers tried both options and didn’t find one much better than the other. 



The folks at GoHydrate clearly went out of their way to include natural, health-conscious ingredients. The flavorings and colors are made possible by organic and plant-based methods. Stevia extract is used as the sweetening agent as we’ve seen with several other sugar-free mixers. It’s also easy to trace the included electrolytes back to their ingredients. 



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