Hi-Lyte Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated November 1, 2021
  • Effectiveness 80% 80%
  • Flavor 50% 50%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Supports Rapid Bodily Hydration Without any of Sugar or Carbs

A great option for minimalists, keto-dieters or anyone who wants pure hydration.


Loaded with Naturally Derived Electrolytes

More Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and Chloride than the average electrolyte product.


Add it to Anything!

Hi-Lyte is pretty much flavorless and offers a high concentration of electrolytes.


sugar free

low calorie

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If you want a no-frills, multi-use hydration product, look no further. Hi-Lyte is a liquid-based electrolyte solution that provides access to core electrolytes without the addition of sugar, carbs or unwanted additives. Hi-lyte is best suited for people who treat hydration in a matter-of-fact way, especially minimalists like keto dieters who are actively avoiding sugar and carbs. Hi-lyte contains a variety of all-natural electrolytes including salt derived from the Great Salt Lakes in Utah and other minerals like Magnesium and Chloride derived from sea minerals. Other listed ingredients include plant-based minerals and purified water. If you’re someone who demands purity in products, Hi-lyte was made for you.

Hi-lyte proved to be a great source of hydration across a mix of use cases throughout the testing period. We received many reports of reviewers feeling improvements in their energy levels, recovery times (including hangover recoveries) and general well-being. The team appreciated how Hi-lyte is truly an all-day hydration aid. With its simple list of ingredients and mostly flavorless taste, Hi-lyte can be used from morning to bedtime and added to your beverage of choice to keep you hydrated all day long.


Our review team found Hi-lyte to be a fast-acting and effective hydration supplement across a variety of activities and use cases. Whether it was before a beach jog, during a bike ride or even while hanging out by the pool, reviewers consistently reported positive effects after taking Hi-Lyte. Reviewer logs noted that unlike other flavored electrolytes they tested, Hi-Lyte could be used throughout the entire day and was added to a variety of beverages including coffee and flavored seltzer. 

“There’s no downside to adding Hi-Lyte to whatever I am drinking. I’ll add it directly to my water bottle before I head over to my workout studio, then I’ll put a few drops in my afternoon iced coffee and maybe even add a bit to whatever I’m drinking with dinner… It’s pretty much flavorless and makes me feel physically better, so I’m happy to use it whenever.”

Reviewer logs noted mostly positive effects including: more time spent working out in a high heart rate zone, improved alertness in the morning hours, not feeling as thirsty post cardio exercise and a perceived improvement in sleep quality. 

Some reviewers reported more modest effects in physical performance such as slight improvements in cardio output. While the effect will be different on everyone’s body, we were pleased to see that across the board, Hi-Lyte helped facilitate improvements in physical output.

There was consensus across reviewers when it came to using Hi-Lyte in “everyday” situations. As a daily hydration supplement, our team agreed this product was reliable and improved their general sense of well being. In situations ranging from morning hydration, to poolside hydration to hangover prevention, we found Hi-Lyte boosted hydration levels and kept our team members going through their busy days.

“Even though I prefer other electrolytes like Skratch during my workout routine, I really do appreciate using Hi-Lyte during daily activities. I add it to my smoothie in the morning and sometimes just add a few drops to my water bottle if I notice that I’m behind on my daily water intake… It’s also great in the morning after a night out. I’ll add it to my Nalgene and by the time I’m half-way through the bottle I notice my body feeling more recovered.”

Here’s your key takeaway: Hi-Lyte is flavorless, lightweight and highly effective. 


There’s not much to talk about here. Hy-Lyte is advertised as flavorless and most reviewers agree with this. If you follow the mixing instructions, you probably won’t find much of a flavor either. 

While there isn’t a “flavor,” we want to note that some reviewers reported a slight salty and metallic aftertaste. This probably has to do with the sodium and magnesium contents. If you plan on mixing Hi-Liye with a flavored beverage, you don’t have much to worry about. 


With each serving of Hi-Lyte, you’ll get Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc and Sulfate. These ingredients represent most of the essential electrolytes and will aid in water absorption to keep you hydrated. What’s even better though is that each ingredient is naturally derived. The salt is mined from the Great Salt Lakes in Utah while other minerals are listed as “from Sea Minerals.”

Folks who are on a keto diet or who are simply trying to avoid calories will be a fan of Hi-Lyte. This is a lean formula that gets you hydrated without all the bells and whistles you might find in other electrolyte brands.

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