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Last Updated August 24, 2021
  • Effectiveness 60% 60%
  • Flavor 45% 45%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Best Used in The Morning

A unique everyday formula that is designed to be taken in the morning.


The Flavor Had Reviews

Hydrant will appeal to consumers that care more about ingredients.


Approved for Everyday Use

The formula was created to be taken daily.

Low Calorie


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Hydrant hydration mix provides a well-crafted formula that checks the boxes for essential hydration ingredients: sugar and salt. We liked how this product included sugar (derived from sugar cane) without driving up the calorie count. At only 20 calories and 6g of carbs, this is a lightweight drink mix that may be a great fit for your lifestyle. As you probably noticed in the scorecard, this mixer fell short in a few categories. Don’t let that completely rule it out though because it does fill a niche and will inevitably have appeal to some consumers. 

Hydrant was founded by two entrepreneurs that were working exhausting schedules at their respective jobs and found themselves dehydrated and underperforming. With a background in biology, they claim to have created a science-driven formula for avoiding dehydration1. The founders must have been paying attention in school because we found all of their claims to be accurate. 

The directions encourage drinking it “first thing in the morning.” Besides forming the good habit of early in the day hydration, we didn’t see why this couldn’t be taken at any point of the day. All in all this is a smart formula that the sugar tolerant may enjoy. It does require a strenuous effort to fully mix it so keep that quality in mind when choosing where to take it. Though the HydrationReview team liked the ingredients and story, there were criticisms of the flavor and effect. This was truly a “mixed” review. 


The effects from Hydrant Rapid Hydration Mix were slightly inconsistent based on HydrationReview testing. Overall, the product scored a 6, which translates to a moderate effect in performance or well being. Though the directions recommended morning use, we wanted to test it at different times of the day to assess performance impacts. 

One of our reviewers found the best results came in the morning (as instructed). After a night of eating too much food and drinking a few servings of tequila, he woke up the next morning and decided a stimulating run would best set him on track for the day. 

“The Hydrant powder + 12oz of cold water provided a noticeable boost for my workout. Even with the warm temperatures and a still full stomach, I felt energized during the run and noticed my pace increased throughout. Considering the shape I was in that morning, this was a great result.”

This same reviewer reported low to no effect on rest days (no daily workout) when taking the formula in the morning and afternoon hours. This slightly contradicted other members of the review team who felt a mild boost to their well being when taking Hydrant during both resting and physical. Results will vary from person to person, but considering the generally positive experiences with this electrolyte, we recommend you give it a shot.


Hydrant offers six different flavors: lime, grapefruit, blood orange, ice tea lemonade, fruit punch, and orange mango. To date, we have only tried lime, and it underperformed. While not tasting bad, it had a very weak flavor. One reviewer compared it to “water with a couple drops of concentrated lime juice.” Hydrant uses real lime juice powder so that statement is probably not far from the truth. We understand that flavor can be subtle but even so, it did not excite us. There was universal feedback from the reviewers that they would prefer it to be sweeter and have a stronger taste.


We have to give credit to the Hydrant team for following the science and trying to deliver a true hydration solution. While we were not enamored with the taste, the ingredient list was impressive. Hydrant uses a lower quantity of real sugar instead of artificial sweetener, which is supported by hydration science. While many brands contain 10+ grams or more of sugar (looking at you Gatorade), Hydrant has a modest 6 grams. It is clearly there to facilitate hydration, not to appeal to the sugar addicted masses. The use of real lime juice powder and cane sugar elevate it from some other brands making all-natural claims. Hydrant has a minimalist formula where the lay consumer can point to each ingredient and explain its purpose.



1Hydrant. “About.” Hydrant, www.drinkhydrant.com/pages/about. Accessed 6 Mar. 2021.

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