Klean Kanteen Water Bottle Review

Overall Score

Last Updated November 3, 2021
  • Ease of Use 50% 50%
  • Durability 100% 100%
  • Seal 90% 90%
  • Maintenance 55% 55%
  • Insulation 90% 90%

Key Takeaways


Good for You and the Environment

Klean Kanteen carefully screens all components of their bottles to reduce potential harm to its users and the environment.


Innovative Design

The “Klean Coat” chip-resistant exterior paint is the most durable paint job across all the bottles we’ve tested.


All-day Hydration Companion

The combination of this bottle’s size, weight and insulation will help keep you hydrated all day.

Design honors

No Sweat

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Klean Kanteen is a family and employee owned company dedicated to producing eco-friendly products. Started in 2004, the Klean Kanteen team set out on a noble mission to replace single-use plastic bottles, and have since become a well known brand in the hydration space. Over the years, Klean Kanteen has produced a variety of innovative water bottle designs and other non-hydration products that have raised the bar in terms of performance and environmental impact. 

Overall, the HydrationReview team enjoyed using the Klean Kanteen and found it to be a versatile bottle. The combination of its appearance, high-quality materials and insulation capabilities make it a great choice across a variety of use cases ranging from a hike in the deep wilderness to a day in the office where you need to stay hydrated in your back to back meetings. 

Ease of Use

Though the Klean Kanteen didn’t score very high in this category, we want to note that despite everything called out in this section, most of our reviewers were still fans of this bottle. That being said, we want to be entirely transparent about aspects of this bottle that may not be compatible for your lifestyle.

Most of the issues we uncovered have to do with the mouth and cap of the Klean Kanteen. Unlike the Yeti Rambler or HydroCell, this bottle has a narrow mouth. Aesthetically, we’d argue that this improves the overall look of the bottle and some may prefer this for drinking, but the praise stops there. The small opening made it difficult to fill the bottle under some circumstances and nearly impossible to load in ice. Users who plan on filling their bottle using a refrigerator dispenser will find this problem most relevant; it’s not easy to properly position the small opening under the fridge spout. This gets better with some practice, but be prepared to grab a towel to clean up spilled water or cubes the first few times. 

The screw cap on the Klean Kanteen is made of durable plastic and provides a tight seal, however, the design could be better. For the HydrationReview team, the seal made opening this bottle a full hand activity and it wasn’t easy to open the bottle by only touching the cap. To open, reviewers had to wrap their hands around the entire cap and bottle mouth to open. While this method worked, it naturally led to hands touching the top of the bottle where lips meet the metal when drinking. This isn’t ideal and might make you think twice before taking this bottle to the gym where germs spread easily from hand to hand. 

At this point, you may be wondering why our team didn’t use the narrow (one finger) loop on the cap to open the bottle. Well, we tried, but it resulted in awkward pressure on our finger joints. Our initial thought was that we could use the loop for carrying the bottle or for attaching a carabiner to hang the Klean Kanteen on a bag. After testing both use cases, we weren’t impressed. The weight of the bottle plus water is too much for one finger to comfortably carry, and hanging a 32oz bottle from a bag quickly becomes cumbersome. We’re still wondering what the manufacturer was going for with this cap design. 

As far as grip, the 32oz bottle was easy enough to carry in one hand for short distances. For readers with smaller hands, we’d recommend going with a smaller size such as the 20oz model.

Finally, if there are readers who are concerned about the issues stemming from the narrow mouth, we’d like to note that Klean Kanteen does offer a wide mouth version


Upon unboxing the Klean Kanteen 32oz, we immediately noticed it looked and felt different from the other stainless steel bottles we’ve tested. The outside is finished in the proprietary “Klean Coat, ”a smooth layer of paint that better protects the bottle from chipping and scratches. We’ll be the first to tell you- this is not your average bottle paint job, folks. One of our reviewers likened this to the paint job on her car, and honestly, she wasn’t far off. The quality will become obvious after you rub a fingernail across the bottle. The HydrationReview editors all agree this paint job is very different from the typical textured paint we find on other stainless steel bottles, and we like it a lot. 

The bottom is made of polished stainless steel that deflects damage from potential drops (and aggressive put-downs) while adding a nice visual touch. The cap, while we have our Ease of Use issues with it, is made of lightweight durable plastic which helps reduce the overall bottle weight. 

Klean Kanteen clearly put a lot of thought into the manufacturing of this bottle and our review team has taken note. Those who purchase this bottle will be impressed with the quality of its design and the durability it provides.


As we alluded to in a prior section, this bottle provides a tight seal, and assuming no major human error, you can expect a spill-free experience. The cap is lined with three layers of threads, topped with a durable gasket that provides a reliable seal even when not fully tightened. The gasket also allows spill-averse users to really crank down the cap if they’re planning on stowing the bottle for a long period of time. Just be ready to apply a lot of force to get the bottle back open. 


Unfortunately, per the manufacturer, this bottle requires hand washing. We strongly advise our readers to follow this direction since the high temperature of the dishwasher might have an adverse effect on the Klean Coat (and you definitely don’t want to ruin that beautiful paint job). 

Proper cleaning requires a bottle brush and a vigorous rinsing with warm, soapy water. With the narrow mouth model, make sure you purchase a skinny bottle brush that can maneuver inside the flask. With the right tools and some patience, you’ll be able to keep your Klean Kanteen clean. 


The Klean Kanteen was a top performer during the insulation test. After filling the bottle with near freezing water, the temperature only gained 2.7°F during the first two hours. Over the course of eight hours, the water temperature increased only 7.6°F which puts the Klean Kanteen in the top 3 bottles tested to date. 

If you were concerned about the previous comments regarding difficulty in loading ice into the Klean Kanteen, you’re probably fine as long as you fill it with cold water.

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