Liquid IV Energy Multiplier

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Last Updated November 27, 2022
  • Effectiveness 95% 95%
  • Flavor 80% 80%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Hydration PLUS Mental Energy and Focus

Nootropics, caffeine and additional amino acids are added to the original formula


Kickstart Your Morning

Ideal for those who have active mornings and may want to push back their first meal


Hangover Helper

Elevate your productivity after a weekday happy hour

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Energy, focus and time: the key elements in accomplishing our goals. Unfortunately, they also happen to be limited resources for most of us. Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of things that consume the limited energy, focus and time that we have in our days. Whether it’s a demanding job, caring for children and pets, staying on top of a fitness routine or the constant distraction of smartphone notifications, we’re all pretty fatigued by the end of the day. 

We wish we had a way to extend your days to 26 hours, but unfortunately, it turns out no matter how much water and electrolytes you drink you’ll only get 24 (tested and validated). Energy and focus can be improved though, and there might be a way you could be more productive with the time you have. We’ve found that supplements such as Liquid IV Energy Multiplier can be helpful in providing an energy boost while also improving mental focus. 

If you’re like us, you’ve probably tested different approaches to your lifestyle to maximize the availability of energy and focus. There’s no shortage of advice from self-proclaimed online experts and even academia has documented ways to increase daily energy1. If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that you won’t find a silver bullet approach. That said, if you’re already on the path to making improvements and are looking for a boost, you should try this product. 

Liquid IV Energy Multiplier has all the same ingredients as the original liquid IV formula PLUS 100mg of caffeine, brain stimulating nootropics and amino acids. This leaves us with a top-rated hydration formula that also increases mental energy, clarity, memory and alertness. Based on the positive experiences our team had, HydrationReview highly endorses this product.

Did you just stumble upon the holy grail of electrolytes? Perhaps you did! Please read on to learn more about our experiences using this product.

Women holds Liquid IV Energy Multiplier while taking a walk through the woods.

Do you take morning walks? We found this is a perfect time to pour a Liquid IV Energy into your water bottle. Get your mind and body up to speed before you kick off the work day.


To all of you caffeine consumers reading this- How great is the feeling of your first cup of coffee or tea hitting in the morning? The feeling of an awakened mind and renewed focus is so invigorating! We love this feeling as much as the next coffee drinker and can say that Liquid IV Energy Multiplier delivers it in each packet. There’s 100mg of caffeine in each serving which is equivalent to the amount you’d find in an 8oz cup of brewed (hot) coffee2. Our team members found this was the perfect amount for the morning and helped them kick start their days without any signs of jitters.

Liquid IV Energy is pictured next to a mug filled with 8oz. of coffee.

You’ll have a tough choice to make between Liquid IV Energy Multiplier and your morning up of coffee. While both have about the same amount of caffeine, Liquid IV Energy will provide the brain stimulating nootropics.

Do you have a morning workout routine? If so, this product might be perfect for you. One of our reviewers who normally crushes an espresso around 6am preferred using Liquid IV Energy Multiplier.

“Espresso always gets me going, but it’s also a lot of caffeine all at once. This electrolyte was more of a ramp-up of energy. A few sips before the gym was enough to make me feel alert, and by the time I was halfway through the drink I felt really good and ready for the next heavy set.”

This product was equally effective for team members who weren’t pumping iron at sunrise. The combination of hydration boost with the caffeine and nootropics were noticeable for our team members who start the workday early as well as those who need to hustle in the mornings to get their kids ready for school. 

One of our team members, who has an early start to her workday, noted an unexpected, but positive effect of drinking Energy Multiplier in the morning: delaying her first meal of the day. She found she could easily delay breakfast by an hour or two and sometimes skipped it altogether and had an earlier lunch. Yes, this has everything to do with the included 10g of sugar and 10g of carbs- more on this in the Ingredients section. 

What if you have bigger problems in the morning, like, ahem, feeling super hungover? To all the happy hour attendees out there: make your Friday mornings more manageable by having a few Energy Multiplier sticks on hand. As a reminder, this product has the same base ingredients as the original Liquid IV formula which provides a highly effective hydration boost. As a quick recap; salt and sugar are the key elements to water absorption and this product has the right balance of each. For a detailed overview, check out our article about the original Liquid IV formula. 

One reviewer, who has been known to enjoy a mid-week cocktail or two, gave this product two thumbs up for helping him get his Friday’s back on the rails. 

“I first tried this electrolyte on a Friday morning after a pretty late Thursday happy hour…I was really thankful for the results. My body felt half decent within 15 minutes and the caffeine boost helped me get my mind on the rails as I eased into the workday.”

Liquid IV Energy isn’t exclusively meant to be used during the morning though. Our team also enjoyed drinking these during the afternoons following lunch as they prepared for a long stretch of late in the day meetings. Just make sure you’re not drinking them too late in the day which could end up pushing back your bedtime or negatively impacting your sleep cycles. 

Much like the original Liquid IV formula, our team appreciated how this product is consumable on an empty stomach. With a few carbs, sodium and natural sugar, you’ll have the required elements for bodily absorption in a single packet. Combine that with its energy-boosting effects and you have yourself a winning formula.


What is “Yuzu Pineapple” anyway? For those unfamiliar with exotic fruits, this flavor is actually the combination of two different fruits: yuzu AND pineapple. Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to eastern Asia. According to healthline, raw yuzu has a sour flavor, making it a popular ingredient in seasonings and sauces. There are some health benefits that come along with this fruit, namely the high concentrations of vitamin C and other antioxidants3. Liquid IV Energy Multiplier is flavored with natural ingredients, so there is probably some passing off these benefits to users. 

Since we’re all probably familiar with pineapple, we’ll cut to the chase. Yuzu Pineapple flavor can be described as light, fruity and a bit tart (thanks to the yuzu). Our team had mostly positive things to say, especially amongst those who drank this electrolyte during the morning hours and compared the taste to fruit juice.

 One reviewer who was OK with the flavor commented negatively on the smell of the powder. “It’s a bit pungent and has an artificial smell to it.” Our editors agree the smell is unnatural, but there isn’t much to worry about since the powder is derived from only natural ingredients and once mixed with water all you’re left with is a fruity flavor.


Liquid IV Energy multiplier has the same ingredients as the original Liquid IV formula plus a few other ingredients that improve energy and focus. Starting with the base ingredients that are also found in the original formula; the product has 500mg of sodium, 10g of sugar and 10g of carbs in each serving. We realize these amounts may seem high, but give it a try before casting judgment. Sugar and salt are key elements to the bodily hydration process and a little bit of carbs can leave you feeling satisfied and keep you focused on the task at hand as opposed to your next meal.

Onto the “energy multiplier” ingredients:

  1. Coffeeberry Energy Extract: an organic source of caffeine (~100mg of caffeine per serving)
  2. CognatiQ Coffee Fruit Extract: Nootropic that is clinically proven to “support mental functions such as memory and alertness”
  3. L-Theanine: An amino acid that supports brain function, mental clarity and focus

You can be the judge of how well these ingredients work, but based on our team’s trials, we found they provided a noticeable improvement to mental energy and focus.

So there you have it; hydration + energy + focus, all in a 16g packet. Try it out today and see how well this product works for you!



1Ghoshal, Heike Bruch and Sumantra, et al. “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.” Harvard Business Review, 22 Sept. 2022,

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3Mandl, Elise. “13 Emerging Benefits and Uses of Yuzu Fruit.” Healthline, Healthline Media, 3 Jan. 2020, 

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