Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated August 24, 2021
  • Effectiveness 80% 80%
  • Flavor 80% 80%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Versatile Formula

A well rounded combination of electrolytes that are great for everyday wellness.

Great Tasting

One of the best tasting electrolytes out of 20+ brands reviewed.

Multiple Packaging Options

Available in single serving packets and multi-serving tubs.
Sugar Free
Low Calorie

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Ultima Replenisher has been hydrating its customers since 1996, well before the inception of most other brands we’ve reviewed. The longevity of the brand inspired confidence in the product even before trying it. For a company to survive for 25+ years means they are doing something right. It is usually a sign that they invested more in creating a quality product than perfecting a viral social media campaign. 

We also appreciated that the company did not make exaggerated claims about the effect of their electrolytes, like “cures hangovers instantly”. Unfortunately we do see many other companies making claims like that with no research to back them up. Reviewers ultimately found that Ultima created a balanced and thoughtful product that addresses everyday hydration needs, validating their intuition.

The two characteristics of the electrolyte that stood out to all of our reviewers were flavor and quantity of electrolytes. The only detractor, which is fairly minor, was mixability. Ultima Replenisher required more effort than other brands to get the powder fully dissolved. Given the stellar marks that the product received in every other category reviewers had no problem overlooking it, and muscling through the extra shakes or stirs.

If you are looking for an electrolyte to have by your side for those moments when you need an extra boost of hydration, we highly recommend trying Ultima Replenisher. 


Ultima Replenisher had a noticeable effect on our reviewers’ energy and concentration when taken as an everyday supplement. It also proved to be effective for reviewers after moderate exercise such as a 20 minute run on the treadmill or a bike ride across the city. 

One reviewer consistently felt a noticeable hydration boost when taking the product in the middle of his work day after lunch. 

“In my opinion, a serving of Ultima Replenisher delivered a stronger physical and mental boost compared to my usual afternoon coffee. I also felt that the heightened feeling of wellness being carried into the early evening hours without any crash like you’d get from a caffeinated product. Oh and by the way, the taste was great!”  

While Ultima Replenisher is great for everyday applications and light  exercise, it may not deliver the same results for more intense exercise due to its lower sodium content. Reviewers preferred different electrolytes for endurance training and really sweaty workouts. 

With that caveat in mind, it’s important to note that Ultima also sells all of their flavors in tubs of powder in addition to single serving packets. This affords you the flexibility to adjust the dosing depending on activity and personal preference. Maybe three quarters of a serving is a better fit for first thing in the morning, or one and a half servings after a workout. With the tub, you can experiment to find the dose your body responds best to.


As we mentioned in the summary, Ultima Replenisher is one of the best tasting electrolytes and offers an array of flavors including: raspberry, blue raspberry, lemonade, pink lemonade, orange, grape, watermelon, and cherry pomegranate. 

Lemonade was a crowd pleaser and especially pleasant mixed with ice on hot days. Pink lemonade and raspberry were also delicious alone or even with a meal. Some reviewers commented that kicking their soda habit was easier when a cold glass of pink lemonade was substituted for a Coke at lunchtime. 


The Ultima Replenisher ingredient list is really impressive and reinforces our perception that it’s a quality product. It contains all of the top electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus in addition to vitamin C and zinc. All ingredients were present in sufficient quantities. The sodium level is appropriate for mild to moderate exercise where the individual can keep up with hydration. As our rating indicates, we were also impressed that Ultima Replenisher does not contain artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors.



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