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Last Updated August 25, 2021
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Unique Tablet Delivery Method

Dissolving tablets are packaged in a travel friendly tube.


Provides Light Carbonation

We recommend drinkly slowly.


Patience Required

Tablets can take more than 5 minutes to dissolve.

Low Sugar


Low Calorie

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Nuun, pronounced “Noon,” is a Seattle based electrolyte brand that sells its fizzing tablets in the recognizable plastic tubes. Nuun takes credit for being the original electrolyte brand to separate electrolytes from sugar1. This was a huge development in sports nutrition: the first hydration sports drinks were loaded with sugar, which was completely unnecessary for optimal hydration and performance. Some amount of sugar can facilitate hydration, but more sugar does not equate to better hydration. We commend Nuun for this breakthrough.

Nuun started off catering to active individuals with its sports line but has since expanded to include versions for immunity, vitamins, rest, and a “Podium Series” for elite athletes. Our reviewers tried the sports version and were impressed with the overall experience. The flavor was well liked and the light carbonation that was imparted from the fizzing tablet was refreshing. Tablets dissolve in water over a period of 6-7 minutes and when we had the time, we enjoyed watching the tablet breakdown, but when we were in a hurry it was an inconvenience. 

There are an almost overwhelming 13 flavors to choose from, including some with added caffeine. Reviewers found the unique tube that holds the tablets convenient for travel.

If this review is resonating with you but you’re unsure about which version to try, Nuun offers a 60 second quiz that will generate a recommendation based on your lifestyle factors.


Our reviewers found Nuun to have a perceptible effect on hydration levels when consumed after exercise or for hangover relief. One reviewer tested the sport tablets over a long weekend of snow shoeing, hiking and drinking with friends. This combination of activities, especially in an arid climate, can be a recipe for dehydration and painful hangovers. Faced with the need to sustain energy levels throughout these different activities and rise to the occasion, Nuun was taken twice a day (in the morning and evening). Despite this demanding routine, the reviewer barely felt any signs of a hangover and was able to push through heavy snowdrifts. 

This reviewer shared: “I felt like a machine out there in the snow. By no means did I expect to feel that good. To be honest, I thought I’d be dragging up the mountain.”

Another reviewer found that Nuun delivered a strong mental and physical boost that helped him stay focused during his workout. Feeling exhausted after a heavy back squat set and with several more exercises ahead of him, he consumed a sport tablet in 16oz of water. The reviewer claimed he noticed a modest boost in physical performance and a big enhancement in his mental focus helping him persevere through the workout.


Nuun is available in 13 different flavors and by the time you are reading this article there could be even more available. HydrationReview tried over six flavors and preferred the conventional options like Lemon-Lime. Their unique flavor combinations such as Strawberry-Kiwi and Cherry Limeade did not receive as high marks as the conventional flavors. The carbonation seems to affect the flavor to some extent so be sure to sample a couple flavors before buying in bulk.


Nuun contains adequate and average levels of sodium, potassium and magnesium. It’s not sugar free but only contains 1 gram per serving in the form of dextrose, which should only scare away those following a keto diet. We appreciated the lack of artificial ingredients. 




1Nuun Hydration. “About Nuun Hydration – Healthy Energy Tablets, Stay Hydrated.” Nuun Hydration, Accessed 6 Mar. 2021.

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