Takeya Actives Water Bottle Review

Overall Score

Last Updated January 31, 2022
  • Ease of Use 60% 60%
  • Durability 70% 70%
  • Seal 100% 100%
  • Maintenance 10% 10%
  • Insulation 80% 80%

Key Takeaways


One-handed Operation

One of the few bottles that can easily be operated with one hand.


Functional Design

Users will find this bottle is easy grip and even easier to operate. 


Hand Washing Required

The bottle and components aren’t dishwasher safe, but the design does not present any major challenges to hand washing.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

No Sweat

Changeable Tops

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Takeya, a company with Japanese and American ties, designs hydration products inspired by the the California lifestyle. Fitness enthusiasts should take note of this brand since they specifically design their products for an active lifestyle. Our team found the “Actives” bottle to be well designed, affordable and reliable. The construction of the bottle is fairly standard for the industry, but we give extra credit for the thoughtfulness behind the cap design. The Takeya Actives spout lid has a patent pending design that is super functional and makes opening and closing a breeze. The design makes it easy for a user to drink a controlled amount of water without suction or having to juggle the cap in their other hand. While the functionality of the cap makes it great across a variety of activities, we found it to be most helpful while driving. You should have no problem unscrewing the lid, taking a sip and tightening the lid all with one hand! 

To be honest with you, we didn’t find the Actives bottle to be the among the most stylish water bottles on the market. If you’re looking for something with a bolder design, we’d recommend checking out the simple modern summit or the s’well. However, if you’re willing to put functionality ahead of form, you should try out this bottle. You might be so impressed with functionality of the cap that looks won’t matter at all. Two other noteworthy aspects of this product are it’s durability and insulation capabilities. Read more about our thoughts in the respective sections below.

Take your Takeya along for all your outdoor activities. Besides the all the great features of the bottle, we appreciated the fun naming conventions of this brand.

Ease of Use

Like most bottles we’ve reviewed, the Takeya Actives has a tall and slender design. Our team found this to be conducive to an active, on-the-go lifestyle which is exactly what the manufacturer is going for. Users with both small and large hands will have no problem gripping the bottle by the flask or by the wide plastic handle that is attached to the cap. All of this is perfect for someone who is constantly on the move. Transporting this bottle by car is as easy as carrying it by hand. Our review team happily reported the Actives fit in the large cupholders and side compartments of their cars, a design aspect that is somewhat rare to come across.  

Moving onto the cap, we feel this aspect of the bottle warrants some attention. The patent pending design allows the cap to screw into the spout so the you can quickly unscrew it, drink from the spout and close it back without having to unscrew the entire lid. Not to mention this can all be done with one hand! What makes this even better is that the cap is attached to the back of the lid, so there’s no concern about it falling to the ground while drinking. During the testing period we received the interesting feedback that this bottle greatly reduced the amount of effort required to drink. This isn’t always the case and it makes a huge difference to the user. With other bottles we’ve tested, drinking can require a lot of relative effort and this may actually subconsciously discourage drinking water. Who would have thought!

Some of the highest regards for this bottle came from a user who brought it along for a weekend trip out in the deserts of Idaho. The reviewer said this bottle provided “top notch” performance while she was making the 10+ hour drive each way. She also reported it was the perfect size and easy to use while she enjoyed the day hikes out in the dry environment.


During the testing period, the Takeya Actives took a few tumbles onto a variety of surfaces ranging from grassy lawns to paved concrete. The bottle sustained some damage, but it wasn’t very noticeable. The only signs of damage were small scratches where the paint made contact with the ground. We didn’t notice any peeling or chipping of paint which is a plus. Unfortunately, one of the drops (presumably on a hard surface) altered the shape of the bottom of the bottle and from that point on it didn’t rest flush on a flat surface. While this was admittedly annoying, it didn’t impact the functionality. Other minor damage noticed during testing were small scratches on the cap and handle. These were barely noticeable though and shouldn’t play any role in a purchase decision.

Since our purchase of the Actives, Takeya has added a rubber boot as a standard product feature to their bottles. This is a huge benefit for people like us who really put their water bottle to the test. While we haven’t tested this feature out ourselves, we feel it will extend the bottle’s life and make for a better user experience. 

From this angle you can see how the bottom of the bottle got bent out of shape. This was from one notable drop. Thankfully the boots these are now sold with should solve this problem.


The Actives cap performed well during our testing period with no unwanted leaks reported. We find this to be particularly impressive given the cap doesn’t need to be twisted tightly to create a strong seal. A mild amount of force (usually with just 2 or 3 fingers) is enough to put pressure on the gasket and create a strong seal. For someone using this bottle in an office, gym or recreational setting, you shouldn’t expect any problems with spillage. The seal also held up to the unforgiving test of carrying the bottle in a purse or backpack. Our daring testers were happy to report the bottle cap stayed shut while they made their way across town. 



The Takeya Actives is not dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to take the time to give it a manual wash. Thankfully, both the bottle and top are not challenging to clean by hand and only require a sponge and scrubber brush. Before you decide this is a deal breaker, check out our article about dishwasher safe stainless steel water bottles. TLDR: they are rare and some level of manual cleaning is almost always required with stainless steel bottles. 



The Takeya Actives is an efficient insulator and kept up with most other stainless steel bottles on the market. During the 8-hour temperature control test, the near-freezing water inside increased 9.7°F compared to an average increase of 8.6°F across all other stainless steel bottles we’ve tested. Overall we consider this is a solid result. If you’re someone who likes to use ice, pop a few cubes in and you’ll have cold water for the entire day. 

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