Totum Sport Electrolyte Review

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Last Updated October 31, 2021
  • Effectiveness 65% 65%
  • Flavor 50% 50%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Made from Pure Seawater

It’s actually harvested below great plankton blooms in the Atlantic Ocean.


Endorsed by Rafa Nadal’s Doctor

Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro believes it’s a great way to recover after tennis competition.


Results Backed by Scientific Research

Athletes consuming Totum Sport had 46% less lactic acid build up compared to the placebo group (when dehydrated by 2%).

sugar free


low calorie

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Totum Sport is a unique electrolyte offering made in Spain that attracted international attention when Rafa Nadal, the elite tennis player, started using it. The brand received additional recognition in Men’s Health magazine as a top electrolyte pick for 2019 [1]. Totum Sport is unlike other electrolyte mixes because it’s actually enriched sea water, harvested out the Bay of Biscay. The water is sourced from below plankton blooms which provide 78 key electrolytes essential to human performance. The company claims the 78 electrolytes are in “perfect portions” and that it’s “the world’s only 100% natural sports supplement on earth.” 

After hearing the background on the formula, our reviewers were eager to try the salt water formula. The solution comes in a sleek silver packet with one liquid ounce of product. As one might expect based on the ingredient list, the solution tastes identical to swallowing a mouthful of sea water when swimming in the ocean. It was an unusual experience at first, but after a couple days the taste was actually welcomed. 

For some of our reviewers, the effect from taking Totum lived up to the claims. Reviewer logs noted improved output during running and other cardio sessions as well as an improved recovery after strenuous activities. Other reviewers felt less of an impact, though overall, the results were positive and indicated an improvement in performance during physical activity. 

Everyday use of Totum, outside of exercise, is not advised based on the experience of the reviewers. The salt content seemed to be too high and left a weird sensation in the reviewers mouths when not accompanied by physical exertion and sweating.

Totum Sport is a unique product and based on the positive feedback from our review team, we recommend trying it, to see if it is the right fit for your supplementation routine.


The HydrationReview team had to overcome some initial doubts related to drinking seawater, but after that, they reported a mixed but overall positive effect on performance. The biggest increase was noticed when performing longer endurance workouts such as biking or rowing in hot weather. There was less of an effect reported after heavy weight lifting and other low heart rate activities. 

One reviewer shared an interesting perspective on Totum:

“Taking a hydration supplement derived from sea water felt ironic because drinking too much seawater could lead to severe dehydration and can be deadly…This definitely wasn’t the case for me though. I was able to post some of my best times ever running my normal trails after taking Totum.” 

To be clear, Totum is a helpful amount of seawater and doesn’t dehydrate users considering the small serving size. That said, some reviewers reported a weird reaction when taking the product without exercise. A similar reaction was reported with LMNT. We suspect this was due to the high sodium content in both electrolyte mixers. While great for replacing lost electrolytes they might offer too much sodium for someone with a sedentary lifestyle. 

Our reviewers were also left a little confused because the directions specifically advised taking the packet without any additional water. There was no mention of whether water should be consumed after. Our reviewers opted to drink 1-2 glasses of water shortly after taking the solution and felt fine after doing this. 


Totum Sport does not have flavor options. The single product is best described as “seawater” flavored. While it was an unusual experience at first the “flavor” did grow on our reviewers but will probably not be appreciated by everyone.


Totum Sport does not contain any ingredients that HydrationReview considers unhealthy, thus it received a perfect score. Totum claims to be the “only 100% natural hydration supplement in the world.” We agree that everything about it seems natural.

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