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How We Evaluate Water Bottles


Ease of Use

We evaluate the shape, handle and component functionality while using the bottle across a wide range of activities. 


We evaluate the bottle's overall strength and resiliency to damage in a variety of situations.


We take note of any water leakage and objectively rate the ease and reliability of the sealing mechanism.


We evaluate the ease of cleaning the bottle and factor in whether or not the flask and components are dishwasher safe.


We measure the temperature of the bottle’s contents over an 8 hour period.


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Water Bottle Reviews

Vmini Water Bottle Review

Vmini Water Bottle Review

Can hold up to one gallon of water so you don't have to refill throughout the day.

Iron Flask Water Bottle Review

Iron Flask Water Bottle Review

A well made bottle that is priced lower than many name brands.

Ello Syndicate Water Bottle Review

Ello Syndicate Water Bottle Review

For those who prefer glass, you may want to consider this stylish bottle.

ThermoFlask Water Bottle Review

ThermoFlask Water Bottle Review

The ThermoFlask is perfect those who aren't sure if they prefer a straw or chug cap. Try both with this versatile bottle!