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Last Updated February 6, 2022
  • Effectiveness 80% 80%
  • Flavor 70% 70%
  • Ingredients 100% 100%

Key Takeaways


Created by a Doctor

Dr. Stephen Price is a chiropractor and nutritionist with over three decades of professional experience.

Great Choice for Keto or Weight Loss

It’s sugar-free formula combined with strong effects make this product an great choice for anyone following a strict dietary plan. 

A Hydration Aide for any Situation

Our team found this product improved our hydration levels and general sense of well being across a wide range of use cases.
Sugar Free
Low Calorie

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Dr. Price’s electrolytes are a top seller on Amazon and based on our experiences, we believe they are deserving of that status. According to their website, the company was founded by Dr. Stephen Price, a chiropractor and nutritionist from Los Angeles, California. Over the course of Dr. Price’s nutritional research he had a breakthrough in developing water-soluble and bioavailable vitamins. This discovery became the backbone of Dr. Price’s Electrolytes1.

While not a Medical Doctor (M.D.), this origin story still lends credibility to the product. We liked that the drink provided adequate amounts of sodium and potassium without any sugar or artificial sweeteners. The taste did not evoke strong feels in either direction but it was easy to drink. Dr. Price’s proved effective across a wide range of use cases including rehydration after long workouts, sauna sessions and painful hangovers. The mixability of the powder was also great, making it a good option for those occasions when a spoon or blender bottle is not available.

Dr. Prices has one of the highest overall scores in the Electrolyte product category. Reviews were unanimously positive across our team members.



Dr. Price’s Electrolytes was found to be effective when taken after strenuous workouts that involved lots of sweating. One team member wanted to put this product to the test and completed a workout that she knew would be exhausting: 60 fast-paced laps in the pool followed by 20 minutes in the sauna. She drank a serving Dr. Price’s mixed with 16oz of water and was pleasantly surprised with her recovery. 

“Swimming is always a challenging workout for me and I’m usually low on energy afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised after taking this…I felt rejuvenated within 20 minutes and was able to carry on with my day feeling pretty good. I look forward to trying this after other workouts.”

Dr. Price’s also provided a noticeable boost to hydration in other, non-physical situations. One team member said Dr. Price’s solution helped relieve him of headaches he experiences with the changes in seasons. 

“I was impressed by how quickly Dr. Price’s went to work. I deal with annoying seasonal headaches throughout the year and often turn to OTC medication to dull the pain. With this product, I felt a significant improvement in just 15-20 minutes. And it wasn’t a one-time thing. I’ve gone back to Dr. Price’s electrolyte at least 5 other times when I’ve had headaches and I’m happy to report that it’s worked well each time.”

As far as a hangover helper, Dr. Price’s served as a nice pick-me-up for our HydrationReview team members who needed it in this situation. The subtle taste made it easy to put back 16oz of water and we were able to get our days back on track. While results will vary from person to person, the feedback from our team was compelling and we think it’s worth giving this electrolyte a shot even if its for this single use case.



Four flavors are currently available: tropical, lemon-lime, blueberry pomegranate and raspberry. If you’re looking for more detail on the tropical flavor, we found it tasted like a combination of mango and peach. In our opinion, all the flavors were natural-tasting and not overwhelming like we’ve noticed with some other products like Pedialyte.

We also found the taste was easy to regulate by adding more or less water. Some team members liked the taste with the recommended 16oz of water while others preferred adding the packet to a full 26oz Yeti

The manufacturer strikes the right balance for the flavor of this product. The taste is subtle, yet true to the labeled flavor. You won’t feel overpowered with taste like you might with other brands.


The HydrationReview loved that stevia, a natural sugar-free sweetener, and beta carotene, a natural dye, are used instead of artificial options. The lack of artificial ingredients helped earn this product a perfect score in the Ingredients category. The sodium and potassium levels are significant but fall below competitors such as Liquid IV. If you’re at risk of severe dehydration, this might not be an appropriate product. However, for a general hydration boost in the morning or in between meals, this is a great option. 

Dr. Price’s also includes a proprietary blend of trace minerals which could be linked to the headache relief our reviewer reported. Either way, the trace minerals probably can’t hurt, but read over the nutrition facts yourself before making a purchasing decision.



1“Dr. Price’s Vitamins About Us | Let’s Get Healthy!” Dr Price’s Vitamins, drpricesvitamins.com/about-dr-price. Accessed 6 Mar. 2021.

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